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Commencing in 2010, The Educating for Equity program’s primary focus is to achieve equity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous chronic disease burden.

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To achieve equity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous chronic disease burden  the Educating for Equity project will help contribute to improving health professionals’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, plus share experiences and approaches to Indigenous health teaching and learning in the area of chronic disease.

The program is a tri-nations initiative that is funded through the International Collaborative Indigenous Health Research Partnership (ICIHRP) Grants.


In 2002, the NHMRC, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Health Research Council of New Zealand (NZ HRC) established a tripartite partnership to jointly invest in research which would contribute to improved health outcomes and a reduction in health inequalities for Indigenous people in each of the partner countries.

To achieve these aims ICIHRP Grants were established to enable cross-country, multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral research and research translation focused in the area of Indigenous peoples’ health by building upon existing networks of researchers and further developing research in agreed priority areas.

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