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Educating for Equity - Canada  

Research Team

Dr. Lindsay Crowshoe (Principal Investigator), University of Calgary

Dr. Michael Green, Queen’s University

Dr. Kristen Jacklin, Northern Ontario School of Medicine 

Dr. Betty Calam, University of British Columbia

Leah May Walker, University of British Columbia

Dr. Kendall Ho, University of British Columbia

Research Staff

Elaine Laflamme, Research Coordinator, University of Calgary 

Tiina Liinamaa, Research Assistant, Queen’s University 

Jo Parker, Research Assistant, University of British Columbia

Anh Ly, Research Assistant, University of Calgary 

Project Objectives

The objectives of the research that will be undertaken by the Canadian team include the following:

1. Understanding what and how family practice physicians are being taught about Aboriginal health and chronic disease management.

2. Collecting baseline data on physician capacity regarding Aboriginal health, including physician knowledge, skills, and attitudes concerning Aboriginal populations and chronic disease management.

3. Understanding Aboriginal peoples’ perspectives regarding the causation and impact of diabetes, healthcare experiences, and the risk factors that contribute to health disparities.

4. Determining the most promising approaches to deliver medical education curricula concerning diabetes in Aboriginal populations.

5. Enhancing physician capacity to provide optimal Aboriginal health care.

6. Evaluating the effectiveness of a medical education intervention on Aboriginal peoples’ health outcomes.

Benefits to Participants and the Community

The following represents some of the potential benefits that we believe participants, including Aboriginal people with diabetes and family physicians, will gain from taking part in our research:

Aboriginal patients will have an opportunity to share their experiences of living with type 2 diabetes

participants may feel empowered by contributing to a project that aims to make improvements in diabetes care for Aboriginal people

the project will present key findings from our research with community partners and with the broader public through publications and conference presentations; this information may help communities, practitioners, and health organizations to make decisions in program planning, health service delivery, or care provision.





There are five universities in Canada that are participating in the Educating for Equity  program. 

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University of Calgary

The University of Calgary was founded in 1966, with its medical school opening four years later.  The University of Calgary’s main campus is located approximately 10 kilometers from central Calgary.  The University of Calgary is Canada’s Lead administering Institution for the E4E project.  For more information on the Universities E4E projects, go to the projects page. 



University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia was founded in 1908 and it’s major campus is located in Vancouver, Canada.  In 2005 a second Okanagan campus was opened in Kelowna.



Queen’s University

Established in 1841, the Queen’s University is located in Kingston, Ontario.  The Queen’s University has several staff working on E4E projects. 



Northern Ontario School of Medicine 

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine was opened in 2005.  It was Canada’s first new medical school to be opened in over 30 years.  The University has two major campuses, the Laurentian University Campus in Sudbury and the Lakehead University Campus in Thunder Bay. 

Northern Ontario School of Medicine has several staff working on E4E projects.  

Kristen Jacklin -Co-Investigator

The Laurentian University is located in Sunbury, Canada.  The University is one of only two bilingual universities in the country.  Laurentian University has several staff working on E4E projects.  Click the following link to find out more about the people implementing the program. Click here for more information about Laurentian University's Educating for Equity initiatives and for staff biographies.



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